Paul graduated from Oklahoma State University, with a BS in Geology. He also attended the Alfred C. Glassell, Jr. School of Art at The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, from 1979-92.

His art is influenced by the study of geology, and work as a geophysicist. It can be either photo based or generated as an original digital drawing – making use of both rudimentary (obsolete), and “state of the art” software.
Paul has participated in exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, the McKinney Avenue Contemporary, The Geometric and MADI Museum,  The Dallas Contemporary, 500X,
Art in The Metroplex (Fort Worth), PhotoFest (Houston), Photo New York,  and others.
“It’s about perspective.  From a distance a familiar image – a landscape, a figure, or architectural form – can be seen.   The close view reveals an abstract picture, where clearly defined pixels, symbols, or text, may dominate the attention. Various processes are used to make the basic elements of the image visible. Ultimately,  the image should allow the viewers imagination to evoke past, or hoped for, experiences – often with no specific recollection or expectation.”
Paul Abbott