Borzobohaty was born in in 1972 in Paris of Polish parents, and thus holds dual Polish and French citizenship. She lives in Paris. She studied art in Ganata, Spain, at The Art School of Warsaw, and did graduate work at the Sorbonne. She has had solo exhibitions in Spain and Poland, and at the University of Paris at St. Denis. She participates in all activities of MADI International. She wrote the catalog for the Contreras-Brunet show in Dallas.

“Ania Borzobohaty seizes blocks, splits them, refines them, lays them out as smaller elements. She plays with metal, plain or perforated, makes parallel parts, articulates some. She uses mainly black, red, gray and yellow. Each work plays subtly with space, light, form, line and volume. Each element, in turn, directs a kind of chamber orchestra. Each plays its part perfectly, and we add the delight in the art.”

Bernard Fauchille, Director
Museum of Montbeliard