Arturo Antonio Chavez was born in 1949 in Taos, New Mexico and studied at the University of New Mexico. Today he resides in Placitas.

He says that elements of painting, architecture, and sculpture comprise his chroma-plastic structures, and that they have no meaning beyond what is seen and felt by the viewer. As with works of music, there is no moral or didactic meaning, and no reference to anything apart from the works themselves. They are internally kinetic, flowing with circulation, reflection, color, harmony, light, afterimage, pulsing flicker, sound and other resonant tones.

Chavez has exhibited in international MADI shows in Naples and Milan in Italy, in France, in Hungary, in Switzerland, and in Venezuela, and is in permanent museum collections in Italy, Hungary, and New Mexico. His works are in corporate collection in Japan, Austria, Ohio, Missouri, and New Mexico.