Koleichuk graduated from the Moscow Institute for Architecture and has been working as an artist, scientist and inventor since 1964. He has participated in more then 60 exhibitions and 10 personal exhibitions in Russia, US A, England, France, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria, India, China, Japan, Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Ireland. A prolific author and inventor, Koleichuk has written more than 30 scientific articles and holds 6 patents. He has written several books as well, including: “Mobile Architecture”, 1973: “New Architectural Structures”, 1978. and “Kinetism”, 1994. In 1996 – 97, his musical compositions together with Stanislav Kreichi were performed in the State Concert Hall of Tatarstan, Kazan for Lev Theremin’s 100 anniversary and The Multimedia Concert Program at Russian Musical Academy, Moscow among others. He is a member of the Russian Architectural Society, the Russian Design society and received the laureate of the State Prize in Russia in the field of literature and arts for 1998. Also in 1998, he started The Koleichuk Total Theatre with Anna Koleichuk. His kinetic structures draw heavily from the historic works of the constructivists as well as his own background in architecture and science. They are featured in private and public collections worldwide, notably the Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art, the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers in New Jersey.