Mascia was born in St. Croce de Magliano, where he currently lives and works. He is an architect as well as an artist. In 1996 he enrolled in the Architectures Department of the University of Rome, where he also continued studies in art. He analyzed works by Magritte, Duchamp, and Kosuth. He became convinced that art is above all a mental fact; Mascia never painted in the traditional sense.

He developed a great love for the Constructivist and Neoplastic vanguard, and in 1986 composed his first concretist works. In 1987 he had a personal exposition in the Communal Gallery of Campobasso.

He began showing with Anna Canali’s Arte Structura Gallery in 1992, and in 1996 joined MADI Italia.

Mascia’s ties to Suprematism and constructivism are obvious. The fundamental principles by which he works are synthesis, plan, color, composition, and equilibrium.