Melé was born in Buenos Aires in 1923. He studied at the Escuela Nacionál de Bellas Artes, and in 1945 began to teach drawing. He became part of the Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención, which included Maldonado, Hlito, Lozza, Iommi, Lidi Prati, Manuel Espinoza and others.

In 1947 he showed with Arte Nuevo, and in 1948 went to Paris with Arden Quin and Vardánega. He received a scholarship to study at the Louvre, and his work was accepted at the Salon de Réalités Nouvelles. He took lessons with Vantongerloo and Sonie Delaunay, and was artistically influenced by Michel Seuphor and Max Bill

In 1949 he returned to Buenos Aires where he was an art critic and taught art history at the Belles Artes. He continued his painting and participated in museum shows throughout Europe Argentina, and New York . Since 1986 he has had residences in both Paris and Buenos Aires.