Perrottelli was born in 1946 in Naples and received a diploma in painting from the Fine Arts Academy of Naples. He continues to live and work in Naples.

Between 1970 and 1980 he participated in both his own and collective shows, national and international. By 1990 he was producing geometric tridimensional works consisting of diverse materials. His rational techniques led him to the MADI movement, which he joined in 1998.

He says, “MADI Art is a bridge that leads to infinite creativity against the boring river of global thought. MADI Art is for the new and not for the ephemeral new. With the MADI, we are in the presence of a geometric metamorphosis, which plays with its transformations in a geometric space through balance-unbalance, regular-irregular, negative-positive, etc. The MADI dynamic is born from the opposition of these formal values. MADI is in agreement with the continuous dynamic transformation of the universe and through the plastic metamorphoses; it is in harmony with the continuous transformation of our universe.”