Saxon has been producing abstract, geometric, constructivist and MADI art works since the 1970s. He studied with Tibor Csiky (sculptor), János Fajó (painter) and MADI founder Carmelo Arden Quin. His work is featured in museum collections worldwide and he was a recipient of the Pollock- Krasner Grant in 2002. In 1992 he represented contemporary painting for Hungary at Visions d’Europe in Paris where he became acquainted with Carmelo Arden Quin. Returning home he organized the Hungarian MADI movement and group. He and his wife, Zsuzsa Dárdai set up the International Mobil MADI Museum Foundation which would take care of the steadily growing collection of the Mobile MADI Museum. In 1998 Saxon and Dárdai published the first issues of the MADI art periodical which would become the forum of the international MADI movement, and geometric abstract art in general. Since 2000, he has won quite a few scholarships and grants including the prestigious Pollock- Krasner Grant in 2002. He recieved a 5 month fellowship to France in 2000 during which he painted, taught children, and published his art program in a booklet: Dimension Pencil (Dimenzióceruza). Saxon has been the managing director of the MTA-MADI Gallery (Győr) since 2005. In association with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Regional Studies , he organizes 3 or 4 exhibitions annually to introduce Hungarian and foreign MADI artist to the public. He was one of the main organizers of the SupreMADIsm exhibition and conference in Moscow paying tribute to Malevich and the masters of Russian Constructivism.