Strada was born in Ragusa, Italy, in 1960. She now lives and works in Milan. She obtained her degree in Industrial Design at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. Some of her professors were the most important exponents of Italian Concretism: Munari, Di Salvatore, Kanizsa and Nangeroni. Her work, from the beginning, has been based on geometry and uses elements that make the viewer interact with the creative psycho-perceptive process of the work. She has experimented with “virtual space”, characterized by small pictorial units that were juxtaposed on the wall following geometrical-logical relations. She held her first solo exhibition called The Descreet Eye at the Galleria Radice in LIssone and the Galleria Arte Struktura in Milan. Since 1998, she has been a partner of the Studio Micieli Design Workshop in Milan.